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Alexakis Eleutherios


Chania, Crete, 1945.

He studied painting and design at Vakalo School of Art and Design and attended lectures at Athens School of Fine Arts (ASFA) with N. Nikolaou and G. Moralis and at École des Arts Decoratifs of Geneva.
He presented his work in personal and also group exhibitions in Geneva, Florence, Paris, New York, Athens, Thessaloniki, Chania and Rhodos.

LITERATURE Lydakis Dictionary, 1976




“Inspiring and mysterious myths, born from pre-Greek cosmogony and scattered around the world touch us.
Idols and statues of “enormous” importance are recreated in the paintings of Alexakis not as a mere depiction of the myth but as conceptual entities, going semantically and artistically beyond the painting thus deciphering the myth.

By emphasizing his artistic language, Alexakis achieves to transform his works through color into symbols of meanings and to connect with his time.”

      (Review for the Series “APOKRYPTOGRAFISEIS”)


                                                                                   ATHENS 1993                                                                                                          



“Based on objects, Alexakis creates a celebration of colors and designs. He sees the image – the object not in its material capacity. He sees it as a motif for the expression of his artistic world. Through states, monuments, historical memories and landscapes Alexakis helps us discover and understand ourselves. His painting is not a facile and contrived expression but a result of understanding the rules of art, which demands constant efforts and self-control.
The landscapes, interiors, popular portraits and traditional cafés that Alexakis paints, create a color palette similar to a dainty. The natural impact of the color may be multiplied with a spiritual one. If the goal of art is to enlighten the soul, then Alexakis’ painting has something unique and unparalleled rendering it even more exciting. It achieves at conveying the content in its entirety.”


               Prof. at the Athens School of Fine Arts (AFSA)

  ATHENS 1976



PREFECTURAL ADMINISTRATOR OF CHANIA CRETE Review From Prefectural Administrator Of Chania Crete


"Artistic Renaissance" is the subject of the pieces of art by Lefteris Alexakis, the painter from Chania, Crete which were presented at the exhibition held on 18/12/2009 -20/12/2009 in the art hall of "Samaria" hotel.

The person in charge of the exhibition, the lawyer Stavros Gizas, made reference at the Press conference to the work and background of the artist, stressing the following: "With sheer pleasure I will present you the works by the painter Lefteris Alexakis, from Chania. It is the second time-the first was 15 years ago-that the painter exhibits paintings from his collection in our city".

Portraying the painter's profile and background, Mr. Gizas mentioned that "Lefteris Alexakis is one of the greatest and most skillful painters, of global recognition
. It is therefore a great honor for me to present this exhibition
. In his pieces of art, the painter combines ancient Greek tradition from the era of pre-Hellenic idols, the minoan themes of the era with the modern view of abstract art. The combination of these elements in his works ranks him amongst the greatest personalities in modern painting, in the last 40 years. His works have been hosted in the largest galleries both in Greece and abroad".

Mr Gizas also referred to the big exhibition of the painter to be carried out in April 6, in Manhattan, New York and will last for 4 months, highlighting that the "exhibition will be the most glamorous event of New York. Based on information, the inaugural ceremony will be attended by the President of the United States Barak Obama, while adding that the wife of the President of U.S.A, has acquired a painting of Lefteris Alexakis that decorates the White House, next to other paintings by top painters of the world".

From his side, Mr. Alexakis underlined that "in the exhibition I will present a small collection of my works, while hoping that in the immediate future, I will be able to find myself again in Chania to present more works of mine, in an exhibition that will last longer".

The painter originates from Chania, but lives and works in Thessaloniki, where he holds a permanent gallery. He studied in Athens and Switzerland.

Lefteris Alexakis has endorsed and depicted in his works all the artistic forms, ranging from abstract painting, performing painting, constructions, while what really fascinates him and he illustrates it in his paintings is ancient Greek art, that he tries to present in a worldly space to render the dual nature of Greek painting and art
in a new form. His artistic role emerges as a Dorian column full of consciousness and discrete modesty
. However, his perspective and materials relieve it from its random routine endowing it with their poetic dimension.